I can finally say I’ve done string art.

Technology has not been my friend.

I’ve been trying to create a blog post for a while now but since my photoshop trial has expired due to my utter procrastination for not submitting the relevant information to obtain the license number all of a sudden, I have not been able to edit any of the photos I’ve been wanting to post until Adobe decides to reply me. Anyways, I imported the rest of the photos into my camera to see if there were any photos decent enough to be posted as is but since my macbook was severely running out of battery, I had to run upstairs to plug it in and had no chance to check if the photos imported successfully. I then fell asleep, which like Jon would say, “I had the right to because its a public holiday!!!” and finally woke up as my mom came into the room saying “oi! 7pm already!” and here I am at my macbook again to check out the photos but… alas! Why are the photos not in the Events tab?? I frantically tried to look for the photos, praying that the photos were not all lost. Long story short, I finally found them.


String art has been all over pinterest and I’ve always wanted to try making one myself. I must say that it is definitely easier than it looks and all it took was patience and a little of faith that it would turn out all okay. The perfect opportunity arose as I was trying to think of a good wedding present for Sheryl and Ian. I was keen to do something that they could use at their wedding and at home and thought that a string art design would be a good wedding present.

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