Jon and I are ENGAGED!

Jon and I are finally engaged!

*photo credits go to Matt Zaharias and Ashley Matsumoto.


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UW is so beautiful!

Despite the long walking distances from class to class, walking through UW campus has always been such a treat and sometimes, we would even return during weekends just to take a closer look and admire the beauty of the school. One of the things I really love about the campus is the greenery. There is such lush foliage and so many different varieties of trees and flowers. Going through the school and observing these varieties is like having a geography and history lesson in itself. Not to mention, the school’s gothic architecture is so beautiful and interesting at the same time.

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never go hungry in seattle

My parents’ generation often told stories of their food-deprived college lives. Over meals, they would tell us stories of how they would only dine in the school cafeteria, share meat pies with their roommates during winter in London, and on good days, either heat up a can of precious Yeo’s curry hand carried from Singapore or order Chinese take out.


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food and company in seattle

I had a pretty hard time (and still am) trying to come up with a suitable title for this post since the Seattle trip has been so full with activities, hence the boring title above to sum it all up. Boring as it might be, it is true – Jon and I have been doing nothing but eating and meeting up with college friends (and fighting jet lag).

During our time in Seattle, we made friends with one of the ladies (she might be the store owner’s wife but I’m not sure) in Little Thai, a Thai-owned restaurant in the university district. She always remembers us since we used to visit Little Thai about once a week when we were still studying and she never fails to exclaim “Jonathannn!” (in her Thai accent) whenever we step into the store. It was no different this time, except that she gave Jon a hug since she was excited to see him again after so long. The dish we love most in Little Thai is the Spicy Fried Fish.


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finally in seattle!

After about 17 hours of flight time, Jon and I have finally made it to Seattle!

The flights were very pleasant and I slept through most of the way. We flew Singapore > Hong Kong > Incheon > Seattle, taking Singapore Airlines in the first leg and Asiania Airlines in the last two. Having been on Asiana Airlines for the first time, I must say I was thoroughly impressed. The air stewardesses were very polite and the food was pretty decent – I had bibimbap from Hong Kong to Incheon which tasted good, korean-style beef served with bean paste, rice and a variety of vegetables to wrap the beef and rice in,


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