a sunday picnic!

I’ve always talked about wanting to organize a picnic and I finally got down to it! We wanted to go someplace quiet and decided to go to a large grassy area behind my sister’s school. My sister and I prayed harddd the whole day hoping it won’t rain and the weather turned out perfect! Actually, we were so excited that we just spent the whole day talking about what we were going to do at the picnic, lol.

I realized that I didn’t take any pictures of our picnic set-up – how could I! I think we were more excited at eating the food and playing with the animals – yes, we brought Fudge, Toffee and Joy!

Super awesome shepherd’s pie made by Annabel (aka Bel). The picture below absolutely does no justice to the awesomeness of this dish. The 6 of us ended up finishing three-quarters of this humongous serving of shepherd’s pie! Bel also made chicken wings (see the next picture).


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summer nautical theme – summer is coming!

nautical summer

Vista ChairJuniper Umbrella ; Nautical Glasses ; Galvanized Double BucketLove in the Beach PillowDay at the Beach Box Sign

One of the things I really miss about living in the US is the seasons! My friends and I always joke around about Singapore’s seasons being: rain, hot, very hot, extremely hot! I’m not quite sure which is my favorite season since there’s something I really love in each – snow in winter, falling leaves in autumn, beautiful flowers like cherry blossoms in spring and the sun in summer. However, one of the things I always look forward to in summer are the extended periods of sunlight! I love the fact that the sun sets so late in the evening – makes me feel like I can accomplish so much more :)

Being so out of touch with the seasons in the US, I googled and found out that summer officially starts on 21 June which is YAYYYYY for me because Jon and I are making a trip to Seattle on 23rd June! *countdown mode*

I really like summer-themed stuff because it is so energetic and happy! Paper Source’s new nautical theme goes so well with the whole outdoor feel and…I really really love the cute cups!!!

Also, I am so so so so excited to say that my first printable is almost ready!