diy pincushion mason jars

I’ve blogged about mason jars quite recently and I couldn’t wait to try out the pincushion mason jars. We used to have a traditional chinese pincushion that my mom had since her wedding (it was part of the wedding gifts the groom’s family had to give the bride’s family) and since it has been so long, it was breaking apart. I had bought a bunch of pins a while ago but the box it came in never really held the pins well and it was troublesome getting the pins out. Soon, I had pins everywhere as they dropped out one by one. This diy came in perfect time.


Unfortunately, the picture of the pincushion mason jars I found on pinterest did not link to the source. I searched online for other tutorials and found some. I decided to make mine differently as the tutorials I found online used a hot glue gun to glue the fabric down, which makes it somewhat permanent. I wanted an easy way for me to change the fabric as and when I like, or when the fabric starts to wear out. Hope you find this diy useful!

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hanging votives kit at darby smart

Click here to view and buy the kit

I woke up one fine morning to an email message on my iphone from Darby Smart – You’ve been accepted as a designer!

I was so giddy with excitement that I told everyone in my household. Probably even fudge and joy. As the excitement passed, reality set in. They send starter kits to designers to help them get ideas flowing and as I am residing in Singapore, I wasn’t sure if they would be willing to send the starter kit all the way here. An alternative was to send it to my brother who is living in the US but he was coming home in a couple of days and the kit would probably not have arrived in time. Much to my surprise, Darby Smart staff were extremely accommodating and sent the kit all the way to Singapore. Check out the second picture – it even went through TSA :P



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dishwasher cooking

I did a post on mason jars yesterday. As I was cruising through Facebook today, I notice that someone had posted an article with a picture something to do with mason jars – of course I had to click on it!


Source: NPR – Dishwasher Cooking: Make Your Dinner While Cleaning The Plates

I read to the end in an instant – dishwasher cooking?! How innovative! I don’t have a dishwasher at home (its uncommon for Singapore homes to have a dishwasher) but did when I was in the US and can imagine how this works. It is kinda like a sous vide and I’m so excited just thinking how this would be such a great idea for a 1-2 person home when sometimes its hard to fill up the dishwasher.

mason jars

I’ve been completely for the whole mason jar craze going around DIYers, pinterest and blogs. I can’t help but swoon over almost every mason jar DIY I see. Unfortunately, it seems a little hard to get mason jars here in Singapore but I can’t wait to get my hands on some when I go over,  hopefully soon!

I like that mason jars are made of glass because…i love glass. Since I bake a lot, glass is always my go to form of storage as they don’t cling on to color or smell and last forever.

I’ve been pinterest-ing every chance I get these days to get more inspiration and here’s some mason jar DIYs and ideas I’m loving so far!

Pincushion and sewing equipment storage – unfortunately the pin I found doesn’t link to the original site


Leash and treat holder by VintageFlairFurnish – how nice if I could have one of the dogs and one for the cat!

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