Maggie Austin Cake


“Stunned” would be an understatement to describe the intense feelings I felt as I scrolled through Maggie Austin’s cake designs. It was a whirlwind of feelings of wonderment and disbelief – how could such gentle, elegant and sophisticated cakes exist?! Maggie Austin’s cakes are anything but ordinary. She  popularized the ombre frill cake which I love so so so so so very much. I follow her on Facebook where she frequently posts new cakes and designs she has been working on and every time I see a new picture of her’s on my newsfeed, I never fail to have to catch a breath, as I admire her every detail, down to the grain on each petal. You know what?  I should just stop talking and let you quietly take in and admire her designs because no words will do any justice to all this amazing-ness.

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