best diy zippered pouch tutorial

I would say that I am quite a newbie to the sewing machine. It probably sounds crazy but before I learnt how to use the sewing machine, I used to sew everything by hand. I would sew pouches and other random things and because I did them by hand, it would take dayssss. I was spurred on to use the sewing machine mainly because of its speed. It got me excited thinking that something which took me 3 days to sew could actually take me 30 minutes! Hence, I decided to go onto craigslist to find a second sewing machine and was blessed to find the right one. My mom and I drove to view it and bought it right away. I’ve never turned back since :P


Sewing was quite a challenge at the beginning. The sewing machine is a rather complex machine and can be quite overwhelming for a beginner. My mom taught me how to put the thread through the machine, the bobbin, and the basics of sewing. After which, I was pretty much on my own. I ploughed through the internet for resources and while I’ve seen and tried tutorials that I still cannot understand after reading it 10 times, I’m glad to say that I have found 2 awesome (and in my opinion, the best)  zippered pouch tutorials which I now solely rely on when making zippered pouches – zippered pouch by Dana Made It and opened wide zippered pouch by Noodlehead.

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