mason jars

I’ve been completely for the whole mason jar craze going around DIYers, pinterest and blogs. I can’t help but swoon over almost every mason jar DIY I see. Unfortunately, it seems a little hard to get mason jars here in Singapore but I can’t wait to get my hands on some when I go over,  hopefully soon!

I like that mason jars are made of glass because…i love glass. Since I bake a lot, glass is always my go to form of storage as they don’t cling on to color or smell and last forever.

I’ve been pinterest-ing every chance I get these days to get more inspiration and here’s some mason jar DIYs and ideas I’m loving so far!

Pincushion and sewing equipment storage – unfortunately the pin I found doesn’t link to the original site


Leash and treat holder by VintageFlairFurnish – how nice if I could have one of the dogs and one for the cat!

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handmade letterpress maps

I’ve been so incredibly busy at work! As promised in my last post, I was supposed to share the sichuan hotpot recipe Jon used but I’m so sorry that I have not gotten round to it – I shall and I will – very soon!

But before I share that, I absolutely could not take my eyes off these handmade letterpress maps from Quail Lane Express. They are so beautifullllll.

*all photos are from Quail Lane Express


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diy pattern tissue paper


The other day, I went to Art Friend (a local art store in Singapore) to look for tissue paper for crafting. I approached one of the store staff and said “do you have tissue paper?” and he gave me the weirdest look and said “HUH?!” Well, yes – it is called tissue paper. I use tissue paper a lot and absolutely love to create patterns on them! They usually come in only solid colors, which provide a lot of room for creativity.

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beautiful stationary – kikki.k


Three years ago, my cousins gave me a kikki.K notebook and ever since, I’ve fallen in love with all their beautiful stationary! Every year, I make it a point to get a kikki.K notebook because they are just so adorable! (except this year since my sister gave me a Muji one for last year’s christmas) Their designs are very different every year and I love how they have a sticker book behind, which I use for all sorts of packaging projects.

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diy pattern glass bottles


Have you ever got this feeling when suddenly… an idea hits you and you just want to get right down to it immediately? This feeling definitely happened for this diy but in general, i’m just quite an impatient person and just like to get things done :P (Many a times, at the expense of my beauty sleep, and making things look neater and nicer)

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summer nautical theme – summer is coming!

nautical summer

Vista ChairJuniper Umbrella ; Nautical Glasses ; Galvanized Double BucketLove in the Beach PillowDay at the Beach Box Sign

One of the things I really miss about living in the US is the seasons! My friends and I always joke around about Singapore’s seasons being: rain, hot, very hot, extremely hot! I’m not quite sure which is my favorite season since there’s something I really love in each – snow in winter, falling leaves in autumn, beautiful flowers like cherry blossoms in spring and the sun in summer. However, one of the things I always look forward to in summer are the extended periods of sunlight! I love the fact that the sun sets so late in the evening – makes me feel like I can accomplish so much more :)

Being so out of touch with the seasons in the US, I googled and found out that summer officially starts on 21 June which is YAYYYYY for me because Jon and I are making a trip to Seattle on 23rd June! *countdown mode*

I really like summer-themed stuff because it is so energetic and happy! Paper Source’s new nautical theme goes so well with the whole outdoor feel and…I really really love the cute cups!!!

Also, I am so so so so excited to say that my first printable is almost ready!