sichuan hotpot recipe

Jon and I love a really good sichuan hot pot and by that, I really mean a hot pot that is adequately spicy but not too spicy, doesn’t numb the tongue so much and has a soup that is tasty and has depth. For our National Day family get together, Jon decided to take on a culinary challenge and cook the sichuan hot pot from scratch!


Jon and I started loving sichuan hot pot during our uni days in the US. There are tons of really good hot pot places all around. Hot pot gives you that comforting and soothing feeling, especially during a cold winter. Then, we realized that our love of sichuan hot pot went more than just warming us up during winter as we started to look for good sichuan hot pot places here in Singapore. We would usually have hot pot after work, sitting out in the humid weather, sweating and dipping all our meats and vegetables into the hot pot, only to finish sweaty and satisfied.

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