diy hand warmers – keep warm and toasty!

Saying that my office is cold is an understatement. In fact, it can sometimes be so cold I feel a little sick. It’s funny because we have colleagues from all around the world working in our office and almost everywhere else other than Singapore has some sort of winter. Yet, our fellow colleagues from weather way harsher than ours say that they came to Singapore to escape the winter but have to brace the “winter” in the office.


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diy ipad pillow

After much anticipation and hype, the new iOS 7 is finally here! I downloaded it last night and till now, I’ve been getting the “new phone” excitement. Speaking of Apple products, my sister recently got an iPad mini. At night, before she sleeps, she watches movies on the bed. Unfortunately, it seems that the iPad mini cover is really stable on tables and hard surfaces but on the bed, it just keeps falling down. She ends up having to pile pillows to create some kind of a fortress to keep the iPad standing at the right angle.



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diy customizable lunch bags + free printable!


I am somewhat addicted to pinterest. I can’t help myself but plough through the “DIY and Crafts” section whenever I have time and that includes waiting for my food, for my turn to go to the loo, at the traffic light, waiting for the lift, etc. That being said, I’ve noticed a small trend along the lines of using lunch bags and have seen an awesome tutorial on printing on lunch bags using a home printer. I’ve a different way of doing it which I’ll be sharing today!

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cake design using almonds

I’ve tried decorating the sides of my cakes with nuts a number of times using a range of different methods. I would usually start by toasting the nuts and chopping them up. After which, it is up to my imagination to get them to stick.

On some days, I would try to grab as much chopped nuts as possible and moving quickly, try to press them onto the cake. But usually, no matter how fast I am, the nuts would slip off my hands before they go on the cake and I would end up touching the icing. On other days, I would use the “throwing” method where I would “throw” the nuts onto the sides of the cake. Unfortunately, it would usually lead to uneven sides and nuts all over the table.


Last week, my mom asked me to bake a hummingbird cake for a birthday and I decided that I would, for once, spend some time and get the nuts right. Mustering up all the energy I had left, I decided to…lay the almonds one by one. I got down on my knees so that I would be on the same level as the cake on the table, put all the toasted sliced almonds next to me, and working as quickly as I could, I started from the top and laid the almonds one by one.


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handmade letterpress maps

I’ve been so incredibly busy at work! As promised in my last post, I was supposed to share the sichuan hotpot recipe Jon used but I’m so sorry that I have not gotten round to it – I shall and I will – very soon!

But before I share that, I absolutely could not take my eyes off these handmade letterpress maps from Quail Lane Express. They are so beautifullllll.

*all photos are from Quail Lane Express


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