food and company in seattle

I had a pretty hard time (and still am) trying to come up with a suitable title for this post since the Seattle trip has been so full with activities, hence the boring title above to sum it all up. Boring as it might be, it is true – Jon and I have been doing nothing but eating and meeting up with college friends (and fighting jet lag).

During our time in Seattle, we made friends with one of the ladies (she might be the store owner’s wife but I’m not sure) in Little Thai, a Thai-owned restaurant in the university district. She always remembers us since we used to visit Little Thai about once a week when we were still studying and she never fails to exclaim “Jonathannn!” (in her Thai accent) whenever we step into the store. It was no different this time, except that she gave Jon a hug since she was excited to see him again after so long. The dish we love most in Little Thai is the Spicy Fried Fish.


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