apron cooking guides

About a month ago, my dear friend and colleague, Sheryl, told me that she had a present for Jon and I, which she felt was really apt. I had been really curious since she told me about it and although I didn’t say much to her, I was waiting with great anticipation to find out what it is. Yesterday, she came by my desk and passed it to me. It was in a brown paper bag with a note stuck to it saying “since you bake and he cooks” – its an apron, with a cooking guide by Suck UK (umm, not sure what the name’s supposed to mean)


I really love textile based materials with cooking/baking themes, especially when they are really practical. A while ago, I purchased a conversion dish towel from crate & barrel which I shared here and it has been extremely useful. I refer to it whenever I need to convert from degrees farenheit to degrees celcius and it provides just the right amount of detail I need.

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cooking/baking themed kitchen towels!

The only time I tend to buy on impulse, is when I see anything that has a baking theme to it. It does not matter if it is a set of post-it notes, or gift tags, or a notebook, or kitchen towels, or even a bracelet. I just love how the designs these days incorporate baking or food motifs so beautifully!

I’m proud to be an owner of the Poketo and Crate & Barrel kitchen towels :)


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