cooking and plating a fine-dining experience

Note: apologies for the poor picture quality. Most photos were taken using the iPhone 5.

Every mothers’ day, we would always surprise my mom with breakfast. The breakfast itself isn’t a surprise since it happens every year but the food that is served that day is definitely top secret. Breakfast is my mom’s favorite meal so despite our multiple suggestions and convincing, and maybe even begging, to do lunch or dinner instead, she would never fail to insist on breakfast. It has been increasingly difficult, in recent years, since we’ve exhausted nearly all types of breakfast – eggs and sausages, pancakes (a few types, mind you), waffles, breakfast tarts, scones, omelettes and even shepherd’s pie.

Nevertheless, this year’s was different.

Jon and I have started attending Marriage Preparation Course, as part of a requirement to get married in church and one of the sessions fell on Sunday morning. The class starts at 8.30am so its no way we could pull off breakfast before that, else we’ll turn up as zombies. I still remember my mom’s reaction when we broke this news to her… “what??? how could they have the class on mothers day???” Anyways, much to our happiness, we then decided to do saturday dinner instead. It wasn’t before long that my mom started to have a tinge of regret… “it’s so sad I have no breakfast!” Not willing to let my dinner slot off, I suggested…how about Jon and I do dinner and my other two sisters do breakfast? And there it was. My mom got 2 meals this year.

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apron cooking guides

About a month ago, my dear friend and colleague, Sheryl, told me that she had a present for Jon and I, which she felt was really apt. I had been really curious since she told me about it and although I didn’t say much to her, I was waiting with great anticipation to find out what it is. Yesterday, she came by my desk and passed it to me. It was in a brown paper bag with a note stuck to it saying “since you bake and he cooks” – its an apron, with a cooking guide by Suck UK (umm, not sure what the name’s supposed to mean)


I really love textile based materials with cooking/baking themes, especially when they are really practical. A while ago, I purchased a conversion dish towel from crate & barrel which I shared here and it has been extremely useful. I refer to it whenever I need to convert from degrees farenheit to degrees celcius and it provides just the right amount of detail I need.

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