diy washi tape ceramic tile coasters

Today was such a lazy sunday. I really envy people who are able to sleep few hours but yet are full of life because I’m the exact opposite. If I don’t get at least 8-9 hours of sleep, I tend to get very restless and lethargic the next day. And, by the time I reach the weekend, I usually sleep at least 10-11 hours and wake up near noon on Saturday. Interestingly, I feel myself needing less and less sleep since I came back to Seattle. I actually do enjoy jet-lag since for once, I get to enjoy the mornings and I feel that the day is just significantly longer. I suspect that I need more sleep because I don’t go into deep sleep easily. I fall asleep quickly and am quite a sound sleeper but I dream a lot a lot a lot. My friends laugh at me all the time because I often dream about microsoft excel since I use it at work a lot.

Anyway, I was pinterest-ing… as usual :P and came across this lovely DIY by lovely little life – Easy DIY Washi Tape Serving Tray. I absolutely love the choice of washi tape in that tutorial and since washi tape is so easy to get around, the combinations and designs are just endless. Inspired by Hannah’s tutorial, I decided to make washi tape coasters. It took me a longgggg time to decide which washi tape I should use since the limited washi tape I had seemed hard to match. In the end, I felt that going with a color theme was easiest and decided on blue. These coasters were really fun to make and I was lucky since we accumulated these ceramic tiles from when we were building our house more than ten years ago.


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