Chinese New Year and pineapple tarts

With Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year almost back to back, the different occassions seemed like it never really ended and started again, rather, it felt as if it went by in one continuous stretch. Yet, the end of the entire holiday season kind of hit me in my face. With reality set in so quickly, I don’t think I’ve quite recovered and gotten enough of Chinese New Year! I still think of coffee lapis cake, dumplings and not to mention, my absolute favorite pineapple tarts.


To be honest, I don’t think I’ve eaten as many pineapple tarts as I’ve had this Chinese New Year. Somehow, this Chinese New Year rekindled my love and longing for pineapple tarts. Whenever we go house visiting, I would kinda spy around to spot if there’re any pineapple tarts among the stash of Chinese New Year goodies. Trying all the different kinds of pineapple tarts made me realized that my grandmother’s pineapple tarts are indeed the best!

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