free up your wardrobe space!

I don’t have vintage looking hangers nor do I sort my clothes by colours so…bear with my wardrobe on this one!

IMG_8821 copy2

Does your clothes wardrobe (assuming that you’re a girl, of course) look something like the above? I have lots of skirts since Singapore is pretty warm and humid and hence, I wear skirts to work everyday. Since most of them are work skirts, they have to be hung up after they’re ironed and so…

IMG_8821 copy

as you’ve probably already guessed, lots of wasted space! Because my family is large, wardrobe space is generally really limited and each of us are restricted to a pretty tiny wardrobe which also means that…there’s not enough space! In this tutorial, I’ll be sharing a simple little thing you could do do maximise the space you have by utilising that wasted space right there! After you’re done, your wardrobe will look something like this…

IMG_8827 copy

Wasted space utilised and…much more space to put even more skirts! :) Trust me, if you have the right tools, it won’t take you more than 15 minutes to get from raw materials to final product.

So, here goes…

– wood dowel (you should measure what will work well for your cupboard. Mine is 40 cm with a 3cm diameter)
– saw and sand paper (only if your wood dowels are not already to size)
– pencil
– drill
– brown twine (or any sturdy string you would like to use)
– tape

IMG_8805 copy

Every cupboard is different so it’s always good to measure what will work best for you. If your dowel isn’t to size, trim it down using a saw and sand the rough edges down.

IMG_8811 copy

Using a pencil, mark the position, on both sides of the dowel, where you would drill your hole. Mine was about 0.5cm from the edge. Using a power drill and with a bit that is just large enough so that you can fit your string of choice, drill through approximately three-quarters through on one side, turn the dowel around and drill through the other side. This method will drastically reduce the amount of splinters. Sand down if necessary and do the same for the other side.

IMG_8814 copy

Using your choice of string, measure approximately the length of string required. Cut 2 lengths of the string, bearing in mind to cut longer than you need. Thread your choice of string through the hole. If you find it difficult to thread it through like I did, wrap the tips with tape and string it through. It acts like a mini needle. Tie many dead knots at the bottom to ensure that string stays in position. Do this for the other side as well.

Bring your dowel to your wardrobe and secure one side first by tying a dead knot at the top. Secure the other side, ensuring that the dowels are even on both sides and you’re done!

Have a fun weekend ahead :)