diy customizable lunch bags + free printable!


I am somewhat addicted to pinterest. I can’t help myself but plough through the “DIY and Crafts” section whenever I have time and that includes waiting for my food, for my turn to go to the loo, at the traffic light, waiting for the lift, etc. That being said, I’ve noticed a small trend along the lines of using lunch bags and have seen an awesome tutorial on printing on lunch bags using a home printer. I’ve a different way of doing it which I’ll be sharing today!

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simple “thank you” printable tag

thank u

As promised in my previous post, click  here to download to the “thank you” printable tag.


1. Print out the tag on a heavy cardstock.

2. On a cutting mat, cut out the tags using a pen knife. Position your penknife on the inner portion of the grey outline such that your final cut out tag does not have the grey line. (the grey lines serves as a cutting guide only)

3. On the top left hand corner of the tag (or anywhere else, if you like), set an eyelet using an instant setter.

4. Tie your desired string through the hole of the eyelet, tie a know at the end and you’re done!

To all my readers in Singapore, drink lots of water, stay at home and take care!