My name is Joanne and I currently live in Singapore. I am a 24 year old working in a corporate environment and despite juggling with the trials and tribulations of working life, I also have many many interests… too many for my own good i guess. I absolutely love baking and crafting and my animals and and and – you get the drift. The other guy in the picture is Jonathan. We met in University and have been together ever since! <3 We got engaged in 2013 and will be getting married in Seattle next year :)

I have 2 beloved animals – fudge, and joy! (which explains the name of the blog)


Fudge [2004-2013] (or affectionately known as Fudgey) is a chocolate labrador and was a birthday present to me when I was 14 years old. I still remember the excitement I felt when my parents told me that I could finally get a dog! At that time, I wanted a golden labrador and called nearly every pet shop in Singapore to find the perfect dog. It was the end of the search when a pet shop owner had told me that one of his customers was looking for another buyer for their chocolate labrador puppy since they “didn’t know that the dog had the potential to grow so large”… right. Anyway, skeptical it may seem, my whole family got into the car and decided to see the puppy that very afternoon. The minute I saw him, I completelyyyy fell in love with him. He was a sprightly puppy and the minute i started to play with him, he went belly up on the floor, all ready for some rubbing! We brought him home that afternoon :)

10 things about Fudge I never want to forget:

– Fudge has the heart of an angel and would not harm a fly. I have never seen Fudge show any sign of aggression before and I genuinely believe that Fudge loves being at home so much that he’ll never run away, even if the house gate was open the whole night.

– He is an extremely handsome dog with a great fur coat, (despite having never gone for grooming once) and the most expressive eyes. The neighbor across my house also has a chocolate labrador and they often tell us that Fudge is so much more handsome!

– Thunderstorms scare Fudge… A LOT. I found him under the bed once. He’s a gentle giant, okay.

– Once, Fudge was walking towards me, wagging his tail frantically and immediately, in my heart, I went “Awww…”. He ran up all the way to me and dropped a dead bird on my feet. I jumped, ran away, and exclaimed “FUDGEEEE, how could you do this to me?!?!” Sorry Fudge, I was supposed to praise you for “bringing home a prize” but… you gotta understand that… dead anything and me don’t get along.

– Fudge is the most polite and courteous dog EVER. If he was human and Singaporean, it is no doubt he would be a Singa award winner. If one of the other dogs were lying in the middle of the door, and Fudge wanted to walk through it, he would bark till they got up, and would never simply step over them.

– Fudge is a terrible catcher. Never throw food to him. His catch rate is… ahem… 40%?

– Fudge loves to go on car rides. It was never an issue to get him in the car because the minute you call him to get in it, he would step into the car on the ground, would immediately sit, and tuck his tail in. Sometimes, he would voluntarily go in the car when we open the car door. There has been a couple of times we had to shoo him out! Otherwise, he gets a car ride :)

– Fudge has human-like expressions. From his face, you could tell whether or not he was sad, or happy, or…anything.

– Fudge loves to eat coconut and durian.

– When Fudge is excited, he would wag his tail like a metronome. It had tempo. Mind you, a musician friend said so.


Joy is a domestic long haired calico cat (how interesting) and Jon and I got her from the PAWS Cat City shelter in Seattle, Washington. During our University days, we felt the sudden urge to get a pet. Believe it or not… we were deciding between a cat, … and… (I’m embarrassed to say..) a… hamster. HAHA. Anyway, although I’m a dog lover, I didn’t want to get a dog since I still had Fudge in Singapore and felt that if I were getting another dog, I would “betray” Fudge. One night, Jon and I decided that we will wake up early that morning and pay the PAWS Cat City shelter a visit – little did we know that we would adopt a cute little 3 month old calico cat that morning! Joy was absolutely adorable. She was not as actively hyper as her brother (the only 2 kittens available that day) but exhibited this interesting sense of calmness and confidence around her. When we were signing her adoption papers, two other couples came in looking for kittens – we were fated to have Joy :) Today, she is known to be the fluffiest and most docile cat ever!

10 things I don’t want to forget about Joy

– When Joy was a kitten, she used to create her own “obstacle course” that looks something like… jump on the chair, jump on the table, run across the day bed, go under the pillow, take a leap to the table… and she would repeat it countless times through the evening.

– When Joy was a kitten, we would close our room doors when we slept at night. We kinda wanted to train her to be independent so that she would be able to go through the hours without us when we went to school. We were curious what she did at night and decided to set up our computer webcam which also had surveillance camera capabilities. We then realized that at night, she would go on our study tables and drink the water in our cups. *ewwww*

– Once, I brought Joy to Starbucks. At that time, she was a kitten and would routinely let out terrible farts!! Just as I approached the counter to order my frappucino, Joy decided to let out a fart. *faint* Jon and I were so embarrassed. We later found out its because she had worms in her stomach, typical for cats who came from shelters.

– During one of the school holidays, Jon and I decided to go overseas. We dropped her off at a friend’s house. During one of her outdoor trips, our friend told us that Joy decided to swat a bee using a paw and the bee stung her. In a split second, she put her paw to her mouth and licked it frantically! Her paw never got swollen.

– Joy helped many people who had a phobia of cats overcome their fear. She is also very very good with children!

– We’ve brought Joy to almost everywhere – to supermarkets, to friend’s houses, on road trips, to outdoor barbecues, etc.

– Unlike many other cats, Joy would let you pick her up and carry her! Since Joy is my first cat, I always thought it was normal until other cat lovers told me that it is absolutely crazy for cats to allow that!

– Joy LOVESSSSS seaweed. We found out when she kept running to Jon whenever he would open a seaweed packet. She recognizes the sound of the seaweed packet so well that we now always use the seaweed packet as a signal for her to “come”.

– Despite having an extremely fluffy fur coat and winter paws, she loves the sun and heat. She would willingly choose to sit on the bed in a room that has no air-conditioning, has its windows all shut and the sun streaming in.

– Once, I was lying on the bed with Joy on me. I started to sneeze multiple times (a trait mark of mine, haha) and as soon as I was done, Joy used her paws and tapped my nose. How cute!!!

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