polaroid frame for the polaroid lover!

IMG_8694 copy

For my younger sister’s birthday present a while ago, I bought her a polaroid camera, back when polaroid cameras had just gotten really popular and since then, her polaroid camera has been extremely well utilised and she has accumulated a pretty huge stack of them so far. Polaroids, on it’s own, have their own wow factor and what better way to display them by using some simple materials! 

– 4 wood planks (mine were 2 x 50cm and 2 x 60cm)
– pencil
– drill with drill bit
– sandpaper
staple gun
(I’m guessing that you can use wood glue as well)
– paint + paint brush
wire (i used 22 gauge wire)
mini pegs

IMG_8529 copy

1. Put the 2 wood planks that will be the height of your polaroid frame side by side. I wanted my polaroid frame to be rectangular so the height of the frame is the 50cm wood planks. I just realised that the picture isn’t so accurate as I was making 2 frames at once and hence drilling 4 wood planks as shown in the picture so if you’re only making 1, you should just have 2 at this point. Putting the 2 wood planks side by side, use a pencil to mark out the areas where you’ll be drilling, i.e. where the wires will be strung through. For the 8.5cm x 5.5cm polaroids, 10cm between the wires is a good height. After marking both wood planks on one side, do this for the other side too.

2. Using a drill and a small drill bit (I used the smallest one since the wires are really thin) drill through the areas you’ve marked. I find that it is better to drill approximately three quarters through on one side, turn the plank around and drill through from the other side. It reduces the amount of splinters as compared to drilling right through.

3. Sand all 4 planks smooth.

IMG_8532 copy

4. Align one of the wood planks you’ve drilled holes through with another that you didn’t. Putting this on a flat surface, use your staple gun and punch in 2 staples to join the wood together, ensuring that the holes you’ve drilled through is facing inward. Do this on the other side as well. Aligning the rest of the wood pieces, do this for all 4 sides (back and front) to form the frame.

IMG_8534 copy

5. Using a paint brush with soft bristles to reduce paint streaks, paint the whole frame. Depending on the colour of your wood, you might have to paint 2 coats of paint.

IMG_8662 copy

6. Approximately measure how much wire you’ll need to go around and string it through the frame. For both ends, wrap the wire round to the end and use a staple gun to secure it to the frame. Working your way through the frame, string the wire through the frame. Ensure that you pull the wire taut on the frame and to do this, pull the wire as hard as possible and quickly bend it. Once you’ve bent the wire, it’ll stay taut.

7. Hang up your polaroids using mini pegs. 

And lastly, get the seal of approval from your resident cat :) 

IMG_8684 copy

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