david lebovitz’s banana bread


Last week, my brother said to me…”I feel like eating banana bread. The ones with chocolate chips inside.”

And there you have it. I’m such a good sister!


David Lebovitz’s recipes are dummy proof. In fact, whenever I bake his recipes and receive compliments like “you’re such a talented baker” or “this must be so hard to bake!” or “this is my favorite cake ever!”, I always feel a little guilty because it seriously isn’t the work of my hands nor brain, but his recipe. You could almost take the list of ingredients and mix them all up and you’ll get something nice. Ok…that’s a little far fetched. BUT, for my friends who have just started baking, I always tell them to use David Lebovitz’s recipes because once you understand simple terms like “sift” and “fold”, you’ll almost always succeed. That’s if you don’t mistake sugar for salt :P


When making this recipe, do ensure that you use very ripe bananas – it’ll make the banana bread so much more fragrant. If you find that after baking this recipe that your banana bread lack the banana flavor or fragrance, it would usually mean that the bananas you’ve used is not ripe enough. Also, for the chocolate chips, I use Ghiradelli’s 60% bittersweet chocolate baking chips. They’re my favorite brand of chocolate chips because they taste absolutely wonderful and are huge! Most importantly, toast/ microwave the banana bread just before eating – the banana bread will be more fragrant and the chocolate will be oozy. 

IMG_8541We grow a banana tree in the garden and a few times a year, the banana tree bears fruit and every time that happens, we struggle to finish up the bananas. We’ve tried various methods of preserving the bananas like freezing them but it just isn’t the same! We end up making loaves and loaves of banana bread. My point is that…through the seasons, we’ve tried a few banana bread recipes and David Lebovitz’s recipe stands out from all the rest. Quite a few of the banana bread recipes out there are quite crumbly but this banana bread’s texture is delightfully spongy. For some, the chocolate chips are a turn off and if you’re one of them, just omit them! 

By now, you’ve probably noticed the tea towel used for these photos. Will be blogging about it in the next post :) 


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