diy granola movie snacks

granola edit

My mom has been making batches of awesome granola. Really…it’s hands down the best granola ever. I carry a mason jar cup of plain yogurt, fruits and granola to work everyday and eat it at Starbucks while waiting for my friends. The number of stares I get from eating this awesome breakfast is just testimony to how delicious and wholesome it looks! It’s quite funny cuz people usually stare at me eating my granola, then look at the Starbucks display cabinet trying to search where I “bought” my breakfast.


I’ve been watching quite a number of movies/ shows lately, and having granola in place of popcorn is just so much more satisfying and healthy. Recently, Jon and I went to watch 300: Rise of an Empire with our friends, Jamie and Aaron, and I decided to pack some movie snacks for them! I even brought a larger bag than usual to sneak it into the cinema :P


Aaron made an interesting comment which is so true! He said that the granola tastes kinda chocolate-y. There is no chocolate in the granola but I deduced that the hazelnuts kinda made the granola tastes like ferrero rocher which is just absolutely yummy!


Packaging this was fun and simple using the Silhouette Cameo. Here’s a list of things I used to create this packaging:
Box: Cut out using the Silhouette Cameo using the 3-d box by Lori Whitlock. Paper is double sided crate paper.
Inner lining: parchment paper cut to fit the box
Tag: Print-and-cut using the Silhouette Cameo. Ticket stub shape from the mail stamp set with The Rainmaker font. In Silhouette, font is outlined with black. I then used a highlighter pen to color the insides.




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