diy hand warmers – keep warm and toasty!

Saying that my office is cold is an understatement. In fact, it can sometimes be so cold I feel a little sick. It’s funny because we have colleagues from all around the world working in our office and almost everywhere else other than Singapore has some sort of winter. Yet, our fellow colleagues from weather way harsher than ours say that they came to Singapore to escape the winter but have to brace the “winter” in the office.


My colleague, Sheryl, was telling me last week that she was feeling so cold in the office, especially her hands. It’s easy to keep the body warm using a shawl or cardigan but hands are more difficult as they’re constantly exposed for typing. I decided to make hand warmers but not just any hand warmers – ones that you can slip your hands in!


The slip works really well as the ordinary hand warmers usually only warms the palms of your hands if you’re holding on to the hand warmers, leaving the back of your hands exposed. With the slip, you can slip your hands inside and experience an instant warm relief! I got Joy to pose with the hand warmers and she got so excited upon finding out there was a slip. Even she could not resist putting her paws in :) Speaking of which, this might also be a good DIY to make for cats for the winter.


I decided to take a different approach to illustrating this DIY and thought it easier to draw it out instead. Hope it is more illustrative!

– The measurements listed in this tutorial is good for fitting a regular sized female hand.
– I recommend for the rice to be filled halfway or just slightly more, otherwise, it gets too bulky and you’ll have trouble putting your hands in.
– To heat up, put in microwave for 1.5 to 2 minutes. As all microwaves are different, it’ll  be better to put it for 1 min first and put it longer if you like. It can heat up to quite not so be careful not to scald yourself.

Materials you’ll need:
– cloth
– scissors
– needle and thread or sewing machine
– rice


Keep warm!

2 thoughts on “diy hand warmers – keep warm and toasty!

  1. These would be good to have in the motorhome when traveling. My hands are the first things to get cold. Joy looks like only her nose will fit in.


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