diy ipad pillow

After much anticipation and hype, the new iOS 7 is finally here! I downloaded it last night and till now, I’ve been getting the “new phone” excitement. Speaking of Apple products, my sister recently got an iPad mini. At night, before she sleeps, she watches movies on the bed. Unfortunately, it seems that the iPad mini cover is really stable on tables and hard surfaces but on the bed, it just keeps falling down. She ends up having to pile pillows to create some kind of a fortress to keep the iPad standing at the right angle.



On pinterest, I came across this iPad pillow tutorial by another blogger but it seems like she has now kept her blog private. However, I think it is quite a simple sewing project, involving 2 triangles and 3 rectangles for the main body. I did not create a tutorial for this but have included some measurements to help guide you if you were looking to do one for the ipad mini.


When I first made this, apart from feeling proud at the completion of a new project, I just couldn’t stop hugging it! It was so soft and cuddly and really fits well on the bed. As I was taking pictures for this post, we ended up taking all sorts of other pictures with Joy and her soft toy lying on it – how cute!



Have a good weekend!

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