best diy zippered pouch tutorial

I would say that I am quite a newbie to the sewing machine. It probably sounds crazy but before I learnt how to use the sewing machine, I used to sew everything by hand. I would sew pouches and other random things and because I did them by hand, it would take dayssss. I was spurred on to use the sewing machine mainly because of its speed. It got me excited thinking that something which took me 3 days to sew could actually take me 30 minutes! Hence, I decided to go onto craigslist to find a second sewing machine and was blessed to find the right one. My mom and I drove to view it and bought it right away. I’ve never turned back since :P


Sewing was quite a challenge at the beginning. The sewing machine is a rather complex machine and can be quite overwhelming for a beginner. My mom taught me how to put the thread through the machine, the bobbin, and the basics of sewing. After which, I was pretty much on my own. I ploughed through the internet for resources and while I’ve seen and tried tutorials that I still cannot understand after reading it 10 times, I’m glad to say that I have found 2 awesome (and in my opinion, the best)  zippered pouch tutorials which I now solely rely on when making zippered pouches – zippered pouch by Dana Made It and opened wide zippered pouch by Noodlehead.


The techniques used in both tutorials are almost the same, except that Noodlehead’s tutorial shows an extra step to transform a normal flat zippered pouch to a large base one. Nevertheless, I always refer to both tutorials as Dana Made It’s tutorial gives a wide range of suggestions on how else to make ordinary zippered pouches more interesting. On the other hand, Noodlehead’s tutorial gives really good instructions on all the dimensions for the different pouch sizes.


I have made so many of these pouches to give away and they are so easy to customize by adding a personal touch. In my last trip to Bangkok, I was mesmerized by all of these cute iron-ons and zips with little charms. I was especially impressed by the zips with charms as you can buy the zips and charms separately and when you want to use them together, all you need to do is to hook them together.


Don’t be discouraged though, if you don’t own a sewing machine at home. My colleague, Sonia, who had never sewn in her life, was determined to try making this pouch by hand. We went to buy the cloth together and after some direction and the tutorial, she completed it in no time.

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