diy pincushion mason jars

I’ve blogged about mason jars quite recently and I couldn’t wait to try out the pincushion mason jars. We used to have a traditional chinese pincushion that my mom had since her wedding (it was part of the wedding gifts the groom’s family had to give the bride’s family) and since it has been so long, it was breaking apart. I had bought a bunch of pins a while ago but the box it came in never really held the pins well and it was troublesome getting the pins out. Soon, I had pins everywhere as they dropped out one by one. This diy came in perfect time.


Unfortunately, the picture of the pincushion mason jars I found on pinterest did not link to the source. I searched online for other tutorials and found some. I decided to make mine differently as the tutorials I found online used a hot glue gun to glue the fabric down, which makes it somewhat permanent. I wanted an easy way for me to change the fabric as and when I like, or when the fabric starts to wear out. Hope you find this diy useful!



Supplies you’ll need :
– mason jars
– pencil
– ruler
– fabric scissors
– fabric
– sewing machine or needle and thread
– foam/ sponge/ pillow stuffing material
– small safety pin
– 1/8 inch width ribbon

1. Remove the lid from the mason jars. Place the circular lid on the underside of the fabric. Using a pencil, trace the outline of the lid. Remove the lid and using a ruler, draw a dashed outer circle 1.5 inches and 1 inch larger. (To do this, place your ruler with the 0 inch marking on any part of the traced lid. At the 1.5 inch mark and 1 inch mark, draw a dash. Do this at multiple points.) Using a fabric scissors, cut round the 1.5 inch mark.



2. Flipping the fabric such that the right side faces you, you’ll want to fold bits of the fabric and sew all around, leaving a small gap to fit the safety pin (see below), using the 1 inch mark as a guide. Use the sewing machine or by hand (needle and thread).


3. Thread the end of the ribbon onto the safety pin. Slip the safety pin into the gap (see step 2) and using the safety pin, thread it round until you reach the other end. Remove the safety pin.


4. Pull on both ends of the ribbon to form a cup shape. Stuff the foam/ sponge/ pillow stuffing material into the cup shape and place the mason jar lid on top. Pull on both ends of the ribbon all the way until it is tight. Ensure that the mason jar lid is in the middle. Tie a dead knot and a ribbon if you like.


5. Put the pincushion on your mason jar and screw the lid back on. It will not screw all the way down but will be tight enough to keep everything in place.

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