mason jars

I’ve been completely for the whole mason jar craze going around DIYers, pinterest and blogs. I can’t help but swoon over almost every mason jar DIY I see. Unfortunately, it seems a little hard to get mason jars here in Singapore but I can’t wait to get my hands on some when I go over,  hopefully soon!

I like that mason jars are made of glass because…i love glass. Since I bake a lot, glass is always my go to form of storage as they don’t cling on to color or smell and last forever.

I’ve been pinterest-ing every chance I get these days to get more inspiration and here’s some mason jar DIYs and ideas I’m loving so far!

Pincushion and sewing equipment storage – unfortunately the pin I found doesn’t link to the original site


Leash and treat holder by VintageFlairFurnish – how nice if I could have one of the dogs and one for the cat!


Mason Jar Crate by Shanty 2 Chic


Chalkboard Mason Jars by The Girl in the Red Shoes


Tinted Mason Jars by Reasons to Skip the Housework

mason-jars-2 (1)

AND, I have a mason jar surprise coming…sometime this week which I can’t yet reveal!

9 thoughts on “mason jars

  1. We have the jars at our craft stores like A.C.Moore and Michaels. I don’t know if you have any where you are but that would be a good place to start


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