national day + many things to be happy about!


Yesterday was Singapore’s 48th birthday. For my immediate and extended family, it is a day where we get together, have a feast and watch the national day parade on television. It is actually pretty exciting because from where I stay, we can hear a little of the activities going on, such as the helicopters and when the F16s flown by the Singapore Air Force flies by the house. Year on year, the sequence of the national day parade is somewhat predictable, which in my opinion makes it quite fun. We’ll always ask questions like “has the contingent marched out?” “is the President out yet?” just to ensure we don’t miss out on anything.


My mom usually prepares and plans the national day feast. This year we decided to take things on a different route – Jon will prepare, for his first time, a sichuan spicy hot pot (recipe in the next post) and Michelle will prepare her signature braised duck. Jon and I have always been a huge fan of sichuan spicy hot pot, a dish that we learned to love in Seattle. Hence, Jon decided to embark on a huge culinary challenge to recreate the sichuan spicy hot pot at home from scratch!



The sichuan spicy hot pot that Jon cooked turned out to be really amazing. It was a lot of fun and tons of activity buzzing in the house as we stood up to cook, ate, watched the national day parade, and made conversation.


Jon and I glued our eyes to the TV this national day parade as our friend, Nicholas, was the contingent commander for the Keppel group. We wanted to get a shot of his national TV moment and I’m so glad I got it! Congrats Nick!


This year, we were celebrating not just national day, but also 2 other important events! My cousin, Benjamin, just got his PhD and his wife, Kye Zheng, is 10 weeks pregnant – double blessings! Hence, for this special occasion, I decided to make Alice Medrich’s Tribute cake, with a simple decoration capturing the essence of this year’s celebrations. Thanks to everyone’s ideas which led to the cake design.


We decided that my mom would be the most apt poster girl since she wore all the right colors.


Cheers to the happy couple!



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