apron cooking guides

About a month ago, my dear friend and colleague, Sheryl, told me that she had a present for Jon and I, which she felt was really apt. I had been really curious since she told me about it and although I didn’t say much to her, I was waiting with great anticipation to find out what it is. Yesterday, she came by my desk and passed it to me. It was in a brown paper bag with a note stuck to it saying “since you bake and he cooks” – its an apron, with a cooking guide by Suck UK (umm, not sure what the name’s supposed to mean)


I really love textile based materials with cooking/baking themes, especially when they are really practical. A while ago, I purchased a conversion dish towel from crate & barrel which I shared here and it has been extremely useful. I refer to it whenever I need to convert from degrees farenheit to degrees celcius and it provides just the right amount of detail I need.


I use aprons quite a bit, especially in US when I’m either baking or cooking all the time, and find them extremely useful, even more so with the cooking guide. It is such a smart idea to have the words upside down since it is the right side up when you’re wearing the apron. I also like how it complements the conversion dish towel from crate & barrel because it has guides that are more specific for cooking, such as roasting time, and some quick tips on how to know if your meat is medium rare, medium well, etc.

This is such an awesome present and I can’t stop looking at it. Time to put it to some good use. Thanks, Sheryl! :)

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