olympic game farm

While at Sequim to pick loganberries and strawberries, we decided to visit the Olympic Game Farm. Jon and I are easily excitable when it comes to animals. We enjoy interacting with the exotic wildlife and have done some fairly dangerous things like…taking pictures with a tiger when sitting next to it :P Animals are so unpredictable, which makes the experience really exciting!



Many of the animals at the Olympic Game Farm were actually actors, who were featured in various Disney Films. They used to work exclusively for the Walt Disney Studios but after the death of Walt and Roy Disney, Disney started to stray away from nature films. With approval from Walt Disney Studios, the Olympic Game Farm opened to the public.


This animal farm features a wide range of animal species including black bears and various species of grizzly bears, zebras, yaks, cougars, bengal tigers, etc. What stood out most for me was that it was a drive-in tour. I tend to be very skeptical when I visit animal farms because I tend to get very affected if I see animals being mistreated for monetary purposes. I like it that the farm only allows wheat bread to be fed to the animals as it ensures that the public does not feed the animals junk. Unlike most farms and zoos, most of the animals at the Olympic Game Farm are free roaming. Since the animals also know that people have food to feed them, they will approach the car and even stick their head in the car. Most of the animals were so close that I could feel them breathing on my face! But because they were so close and most of the time, literally touching the car, we had slobber all around the car.


I really enjoyed feeding and interacting with the yak. It is my first time seeing them and they are really docile animals. They have a HUGE nose, a long tongue and really adorable eyes. They are quite slow moving creatures and will stick out their tongue to get the food. However, if you don’t understand a yak’s temperament, it is possible to assume, based on first impression, that they are dangerous animals. We saw a car whose windows were wound up just enough to “clip” a piece of bread between the window so that he/she wouldn’t need to hold it out – hilarious!



The bears were a real treat for us and was the main reason we came to the Olympic Game Farm. Because of their thick fur, we hardly see bears in Singapore and we were really hyped up to get a real close up view. We managed to get real up close with the bears and it was quite evident that they knew how to charm. Some would even sit up and wave! Some of the younger bears were really cute and look like bears out of a cartoon. All the bears have a real nice coat of fur – which is a good sign of a healthy bear – but we felt a little sad for the bear as it was really hot that day and we saw some of them panting.





As we had to constantly move, especially around the bison since they will surround your car, I had to take all the photos in sports mode. It was very difficult to take clear photos but I’m happy that I managed to take quite a few photos of the animals with funny expressions! One of the cars in front of us stopped briefly and before they knew it, the bison had surrounded the car and were literally rubbing themselves





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