graysmarsh farm


Just before we went to Marrowstone Island, TAOs asked us if there was anything we wanted to do and the first thing I said was…I want to pick berries! I’ve always enjoyed the idea of freshly picking fruits and seeing how they grow and where they come from gives me a lot of joy and satisfaction. TAOs brought us to Graysmarsh Farm down at Sequim which was really delightful as they had strawberries, raspberries and loganberries to pick that day. On top of those three, Graysmarsh Farm also have lavendar, boysenberries, blueberries and blackberries for U Pick, depending on the month.




We decided to go ahead with strawberries and loganberries. I enjoy picking strawberries a lot, and of course, eating them in the process. I’ve picked strawberries quite a few times before, and I’ve always found it really enjoyable – somewhat therapeutic. The strawberries in Graysmarsh Farm are actually pretty small but they’re packed full of flavor. It’s not all about the size and sometimes, the really huge strawberries can be very watery. Although it was nearing the end of the strawberry season, we still found ample strawberries to pick. The fields are very widespread which is great, allowing the crowd to spread out.





I’ve never picked loganberries (similar to raspberries) before and it was quite an experience. Most U Pick farms I’ve been to before are strawberry farms only and having other species available for picking was eye opening for me. The loganberry plants are very dense and it was fun to walk through them while dodging and jumping over the newly growing loganberry plants that will bear fruit next year. It was a nice break from the strawberries as the plants are tied to the metal frames and we could pick them while standing upright – I sound old :P TAOs were extremely efficient when it came to picking the fruits. Jon and I had started with picking strawberries first and by the time we joined the TAOs to pick the loganberries, I think they had already picked about 5lbs. I think I was the least efficient of them all since I spent most of my time taking photographs :P









Garysmarsh Farm also has quite a large lavendar and oat fields. The oat fields are really relaxing to watch as you see them sway from side to side and it almost puts you in a dreamy state when you watch them for too long.


Next up, Olympic game farm!!

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