marrowstone island

Jon and I have been really looking forward to visiting the TAOs at their home in Marrowstone Island. They came to Seattle to meet us for dinner before the proposal but nothing beats spending time with them at their house. From Seattle, the most convenient way to get to Marrowstone Island is by taking the Washington State Ferry, which is a real experience for first-timers since unlike normal ferries, this ferry takes vehicles – we drive onto the ferry and you can decide to stay in your car or go up to enjoy the view. On a side note, Jon and I are always full of “oohs and aahs” whenever we watch Grey’s Anatomy. Although it wasn’t filmed in Seattle, it is based in Seattle and they have quite few transition scenes that shows the Washington State Ferry, which never fails to remind us of our happy memories at Marrowstone Island. edited_1a


Another thing we really look forward to when taking the ferry is the creperie just by Kingston station. There is a really small creperie within walking distance and their crepes are amazing! When my sister, Jane, came with us to Seattle last year, we went to the creperie twice – once on the way, and the second time on the way back. edited_1 edited_2 TAOs live in this beautiful house in Marrowstone Island that overlooks Puget Sound and believe it or not, they built the house themselves! The house is like a huge DIY project for them and even though they’ve lived there for a few years now, there’re still aspects of the house that are not yet complete, which keeps us always wanting to come back to see the new stuff they’ve completed. edited_3 edited_4 edited_5 TAOs have also recently adopted a 4-year old cat, Marley. Marley is really cute, especially when she is sleeping and she really likes to expose her belly. She’s a real talker and will respond with a meow whenever you call her. She is quite sociable and really loves having her neck scratched. She can be sensitive, though. She doesn’t quite like her belly rubbed and when you touch her at the wrong areas, she’ll be unhappy. From the way Marley behaves, we are guessing that she is likely to have been neglected and abused before but she’s lucky that she’s with the TAOs now :) edited_6 edited_7 edited_8 The great perks of going over in summer are enjoying the great weather and seasonal produce. TAOs have taken a lot of effort in the last 2 years to spruce up their garden and this year, the produce is amazing! I’ve always enjoyed the idea of growing vegetables and fruits to harvest for home cooked meals but unfortunately, Singapore’s hot and humid weather doesn’t give us much choice of produce to grow. Their garden have loganberries (similar to raspberries), zucchini, walla walla sweet onions, green peas, beets, tomatoes, etc. We harvested quite a few during our stay there. edited_9 edited_10 edited_11 edited_13 The birds also created a bird’s nest at the front of the house. There were 4 baby birds in total and by the time we left Marrowstone Island, the baby birds had already grown to as large as their parents. It was really eye opening as we witnessed the birds feeding their young and teaching them how to fly. edited_14 TAOs also arranged for us to visit the Mystery Bay Farm. It is a goat farm run by a couple. Apart from selling goats and goat milk, they also make cheese and yoghurt which is really popular among the community. Because they are really small scale, the produce is of really high quality. We tried the lavender infused honey cheese and the texture of the cheese was really good. Although goats can be quite fierce and dangerous because of their horns, the ones at Mystery Bay Farm were really tame. We walked in from the wrong entrance and ended up mingling among the goats. They are really curious animals and many of them walked right up to us. I like how the couple at Mystery Bay Farm really treat their goats with respect. They have names for every goat and seem very responsible when it comes to breeding. The goats look very happy, healthy and well cared for :) edited_17 edited_18 edited_19 edited_20 edited_21 edited_22 edited_23 edited_24 edited_25 edited_26 To celebrate the engagement, TAOs brought us to Ajax Café in Marrowstone Island. It is a café with a lot of character and a great view. They have many hats lying around and the deal is for people to pick up a hat and wear it through the meal. They also had a small urn next to their cashier which said “Ashes of Problem Customers” on it – hilarious! I had the Fisherman’s stew and it was really really good! edited_27 edited_28 edited_29 edited_30

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