Jon and I are ENGAGED!

Jon and I are finally engaged!

*photo credits go to Matt Zaharias and Ashley Matsumoto.



Now that it is no longer a surprise, I’ve learned over the last few days and gone through many “did you know?!” moments as I’ve been told the extent of planning that Jon has gone through. I am so appreciative that everyone has been so supportive!

In February, Jon created a Facebook account and gathered all our friends to inform them of the happy news and his plans so that arrangements can be made. It all sounds so hilarious now because nearer the date, I Facebooked my friends to let them know I was coming to Seattle, only to realize they had already known.



On the day of the engagement, we had planned to have dinner with the TAOs at Ivar’s Salmon House. Aunty Paula sent a message to us earlier telling us about how she hadn’t had a chance to dress up and wanted to “get out of [her] country bumpkin clothes”. I thought it was funny since Ivar’s is really quite an informal restaurant and thought we would really stand out if we had dressed up. Towards the end of the meal, Uncle Vigo then mentioned about Gas Works Park and wanting to pay it a visit since he has been dying to go there. Without any hesitation, Jon and I said yes. Or maybe, Jon just quickly agreed so I couldn’t say anything else :P


We made our way to Gas Works Park and it was so crowded – there were people flying kites, having picnics, walking their dogs, playing frisbee, etc. We went up the hill to the sun dial and noticed that people kind of stayed at the edges of the hill and formed some sort of a circle around the sun dial. As Jon and I walked up, I noticed people’s heads turn and look at us and that’s when I spotted Sharon, Ashley and Matt! As the sun dial came into sight, I saw roses, rose petals and candles form a shape of a heart on the sun dial and there it dawned on me – Jon was going to propose!





Our nervousness quickly intensified as all eyes were glued on us and Jon led me to the centre of the heart saying “let’s do this”. He knelt down on one knee and took out the ring. As he opened the box, his eyed turned red and in his most nervous expression and a quivering voice, he said, “Will you marry me?” According to Ashley, I said, “Of course, yes!” The people surrounding us cheered!





We were all smiles and I teared while Sharon couldn’t stop crying :P Jon chose a perfect place as Gas Works Park could not be more beautiful that day – the sun was setting, the skies were clear and the view was just beautiful.



I am so lucky to have such awesome friends and to see them so happy for me made me feel so blessed to have them. Sharon and Ashley are especially special to me since they were with me since day one of my relationship with Jon. They were probably one of the first to know since we got together and now that I’ve been together with Jon for awhile, they’ve also developed a friendship with Jon and all four of us enjoy hanging out together.



There are so so many people that Jon and I want to thank:
– my family: for all the support in helping Jon choose the perfect ring and for spurring him on to plan the perfect proposal
– Uncle Vigo & Aunty Paula: for taking us out to dinner and being the initiator to bringing us to Gas Works Park
– Sharon & Ashley: for planning with Jon and investing so much of your time to decorate the place
– Matt: for all the awesome photography and the great banner
– Adrian & Candace: for making all the arrangements to be there with us but could not make it due to a delayed flight. it’s okay, you’ll be there for the actual wedding :)

And for all those who have asked or are wondering, the ceremony will happen in Singapore in 2015.


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