UW is so beautiful!

Despite the long walking distances from class to class, walking through UW campus has always been such a treat and sometimes, we would even return during weekends just to take a closer look and admire the beauty of the school. One of the things I really love about the campus is the greenery. There is such lush foliage and so many different varieties of trees and flowers. Going through the school and observing these varieties is like having a geography and history lesson in itself. Not to mention, the school’s gothic architecture is so beautiful and interesting at the same time.


Every season, the atmosphere of the campus dramatically changes, which adds many dimensions to the campus. In autumn, the floor will be lined with a bed of red and brown leaves. In winter, everything is just winter wonderland. In spring, UW becomes a tourist attraction as the cherry blossoms come in full bloom and in summer, the sunlight just brightens the whole campus up.



Students at UW are very proud of our campus and the beauty of the campus just adds a new dimension of husky pride in all of us. Going back and visiting the campus was so refreshing and uplifting for Jon and I. It was so funny because going back as alumni made us realize things about the school that we didn’t originally notice. I guess as students, we had other things to stress about and did not take time to look at the school in greater detail. Nevertheless, we were so happy to be back and will be for years to come.


Sorry for the multiple photos of acorns. I just love how they look!

Thats Paccar Hall which is the Foster School of Business building. I spent most of my time there and although this is a very new building (it was completed in my senior year in college), I appreciate the care taken to ensure that the new buildings still blend in with all the other ancient buildings on campus.


That’s the Suzallo Library which I think is the most beautiful building on campus.

The second floor of Suzallo Library, the reading room, is breathtaking. It has been dubbed as the “Harry Potter Room” because of its architecture. My friends and I used to go there to study very often because it is extremely quiet and a great place if you want to study by yourself.

The Drumheller Fountain is another iconic site in UW. It is very strategically placed – on a clear day, you can see Mt. Rainier just above the fountain. We could see a faint outline of Mt. Rainier on that day but the camera I was using wasn’t good enough to capture it.



The area surrounding the Drumheller Fountain is surrounded by many varieties of flowers and since it is summertime, they’re in full bloom!

Ducks and ducklings often walk around and swim in the Drumheller Fountain. As the concrete edges of the fountain is really high relative to the water, it can be very difficult for ducklings to get out of the water. As such, the school decided to build a ramp to help the ducklings get out which is so cute! We were so lucky because we managed to catch a duck and her (I’m assuming) duckling sitting on the ramp and basking in the sun.


A closer shot of the duckling – so fluffy!!



On a side note, Jon proposed to me TODAY and we’re officially ENGAGED :D I’ll definitely post about it soon (I hope) with the whole story and pictures. I’m waiting to get the pictures from our friends who were there and I can’t wait to tell you all the story!

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