food and company in seattle

I had a pretty hard time (and still am) trying to come up with a suitable title for this post since the Seattle trip has been so full with activities, hence the boring title above to sum it all up. Boring as it might be, it is true – Jon and I have been doing nothing but eating and meeting up with college friends (and fighting jet lag).

During our time in Seattle, we made friends with one of the ladies (she might be the store owner’s wife but I’m not sure) in Little Thai, a Thai-owned restaurant in the university district. She always remembers us since we used to visit Little Thai about once a week when we were still studying and she never fails to exclaim “Jonathannn!” (in her Thai accent) whenever we step into the store. It was no different this time, except that she gave Jon a hug since she was excited to see him again after so long. The dish we love most in Little Thai is the Spicy Fried Fish.


The sauce covering the fried fish is so appetizing and despite having tried thai fried fish in many other places, no thai fried fish is like Little Thai’s. During our trip last year, she promised to show us how to cook the fish and we finally got a chance this trip! Like all Asian kitchens, they cook with huge woks but unlike many many Asian kitchens, their kitchen is actually relatively clean. Little Thai went through a renovation during our last quarter in college and you can’t imagine how depressed Jon and I were. We would sometimes drive by just to check if they had opened or not.


It was funny how we were “taught”. I was busy wrestling with the camera while Jon was busy taking down the list of ingredients on his iPhone. The dish had more than 5 different sauces and nothing was measured, all by experience. Jon says he has gotten a rough idea what to do and I’ll be depending on him!


Jon and I have met up with quite a number of friends so far and it has been such an amazing experience finding out about what everyone has been up to. It is interesting how our conversations no longer revolve around “what classes are you taking?”, “oh, is that prof good?” and “do you have the textbook for that class?” but instead, we talk about our new jobs, company culture, industry culture, differences between working in the US and in Singapore, our job scope, and so on. It is comforting to see that close and meaningful friendships transcends many boundaries and although we now have very little similarities since many of us have ventured into many different industries and even different countries, we still find all the topics in the world to talk about. In fact, time passed so fast that we only wished we could sit and talk for longer. Ah, c’est la vie.


It seems almost yesterday that I was still living in Seattle and just thinking about it, I would have known my freshman roommate, Sharon, for close to half a decade. We still often reminisce about what we did during dorm life, our common friends, what we used to cook and even trivial stuff like the different table configurations we tried through the year. *feeling pensive* Which reminds me, I need to take a picture with you, Sharon!

2 thoughts on “food and company in seattle

  1. Yea ):
    we forgot to take photos hahah.
    But you know I’d always be up for photos so…. :P

    And I agree with everything you said here. But almost half a decade…..
    wow I feel so old now haha!
    Whenever I tell others I lived in Lander triple room, everyone feels sad for me, but then I always say my Singaporean roommate and I became best friends :) (and everyone else is like *awwww*)

    haha anyways, see you soon sometime this week I guess :)


    • yeah, we have to take one before i leave, okay?

      hahaha, i know right, people say the same thing to me and although our living conditions weren’t in the least ideal, I’m still happy we went through the whole thing together! And I remember constantly feeling “at a loss” after we lived separately after freshman year since I really missed studying with you and I still remember the joy when we got into Foster together and how you “read” the letter to me over the phone :P


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