finally in seattle!

After about 17 hours of flight time, Jon and I have finally made it to Seattle!

The flights were very pleasant and I slept through most of the way. We flew Singapore > Hong Kong > Incheon > Seattle, taking Singapore Airlines in the first leg and Asiania Airlines in the last two. Having been on Asiana Airlines for the first time, I must say I was thoroughly impressed. The air stewardesses were very polite and the food was pretty decent – I had bibimbap from Hong Kong to Incheon which tasted good, korean-style beef served with bean paste, rice and a variety of vegetables to wrap the beef and rice in,


and a korean sesame dessert which was awesome!


They are also observant, constantly replenishing our water and try to make conversation where appropriate. One of the air stewardess even came to me and said, “you must be very sleepy!” since I kept fumbling with the meal orders and the table because I was not even half awake…maybe a quarter? :P

As Jon and  I were trying to clear immigration, we got detained for quite a while as I had printed Jon’s itinerary that shows a return flight and didn’t print mine. I hadn’t realized that we had to have a return flight booked and to have evidence stating so. In short, Jon called my brother to send the itinerary over and we finally got through.

This trip, we were lucky to have many friends who were kind enough to extend their gracious help. Jon and I decided that we were going to be traveling on budget. One of our friends, Chris, Maisie and their adorable 2-year old daughter Sofia happened to be traveling during our first four days in Seattle and kindly lent us their beautiful house during this time – thank you!!!



Back to the original topic – by the time Jon and I took a shower, it was 3pm and we had long decided for our first meal to be pho. As college students, pho was comfort food to us and not to mention, pho and Seattle’s rainy weather is THE perfect combination. Along the University Avenue aka The Ave alone, there are about 5 pho shops and we have nicknames for them – our favorite one, the good soup one, the tasty and generous one, the cinammon-y soup one, etc. Our favorite one is Pho Vietnam. Jon ordered the large, while I ordered small. As soon as I took the picture below, Jon and I stopped talking and just ate. You should have seen the look on Jon’s face – he was just so happy :)


After pho, we took a quick drive through University of Washington and all our memories started flooding in. Both of us spurred each other on to remember what we used to do with conversations like, “remember I took that class there? ” “we used to meet up here!” “this is where we would park and run to class :P” “ohhhh… that is still there!” “awwww…” lol. Memories, memories…

Jon and I then head to University Village, which really, is one of my favorite places. I love the atmosphere there and love that the place has all you need – QFC, H&M, AT&T, Mud Bay Granary (where I bought Fudge a new bowl and got to play with a couple of dogs), the Apple store, Microsoft store, Starbucks, Red Mango, Mrs. Cook’s (i bought another cake stand!), Victoria’s Secret, Trophy Cupcakes, Sephora…

This is going to sound so ridiculous to many of you but one other thing I love about Seattle, or US for that matter (depending on which part, though), is visiting grocery stores. The produce always looks so incredibly fresh and the colors so vibrant! Unlike in Singapore where many of our produce are imported, Singapore produce always look dull and I always say – our tomatoes aren’t even orange, let alone red.


I can’t stop admiring all the colors and how the vegetables are so neatly packed. Alright, sorry for sounding so ridiculous.

Anyways, Jon and I have tried our very best to keep awake to fight our jet lag and its…almost 11pm now so… success!!!

Its time to sleep. Goodnight!

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