diy enamel paint projects


I’ve been wanting to do an oil based enamel paint project for a while now (by a while, I mean like…6 months? :P) and I finally got round to doing it! I was originally inspired by Painted Flowerpots by Martha Stewart and I always imagine how these bright colored paints will bring such a different vibe to an outdoor terrace, a garden, or  even a living room.


I have a lot of terracotta pots in my house and after choosing a couple, I decided to give one a bright yellow paint (I haven’t found a suitable plant for that pot so a photo of that will come next time!) and as I was painting the pot, I noticed a small wooden plant stand next to me. I really like the design of it but the wood was old and moldy, dusty and yucky. Since it belongs to my mom, I asked for her permission to give it a transformation and without a hesitation, she said yes! I began on it immediately and originally gave it a bright coat of yellow. As I painted it, I was really liking how it looked and then it dawned on me…it looked a little too yellow! Hence, I decided to paint the alternate wooden strips white. I am extremely pleased at the turn out of this spur-of-the-moment project and just love how it gives the outdoor terrace such a pop of color!


As I was taking the photos, Fudge came to me and decided that he wanted to be part of it so here it is!



Oil based enamel paint is very versatile and can be used on many surfaces, such as wood, terracotta, glass and metal. I find it especially useful to turn old and dull looking pieces of furniture into bright, new-looking ones. They are waterproof but smell awful – make sure you paint in a well ventilated area. Also, wear gloves since its hard to wash off. I went to work with a couple of yellow spots on my hands :P


  1. From what I’ve read online, there have the spray can and the paint on type. If you’re looking to paint a relatively flat surface with just one color, the spray can one will work great since it’ll make the process a lot faster. However, if your design requires a bit more detailing, using the paint on one will give you that flexibility.
  2. Ensure that the object you’re painting is very clean! Wash, scrub and do everything you can do get it clean – you won’t want dust sticking around your paint. Also, ensure that its thoroughly dry before painting on it.
  3. To make the colors really stand out, you’ll need to paint a few coats. This is not a one day project and you’ll need a lot of patience. It took me about 4 days to complete the stand above since I had to wait for coats to dry in between. I tried rushing through the first couple of days and it only made things messy so, be patient!
  4. Give ample time for coats to dry – overnight is best. The paint is very sticky when it’s not dry.

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