my favorite blueberry pancakes


I really love pancakes, no matter how fattening they are. In the past six months, I’ve made pancakes from at least 4 different recipes and they’ve all been from the internet. Online recipe titles can be very deceiving – fluffiest pancake, lightest and most airy pancake, best pancake ever, etc. After trying many recipes and eating many pancakes, I would have to say that this is my favorite recipe. I love it so so much, that I’ve had it for breakfast the past three weekends, and will be having it for breakfast tomorrow as well – now, that explains the weight gain!



I love this recipe because it is a breeze to make and uses ingredients that your fridge probably already has. In fact, the friday night before three weekends ago, when I came across the recipe, after salivating at the photos for a while, I looked through the list of ingredients and voila! I had all the ingredients needed to make this a success – I love that feeling! Most pancakes use buttermilk which I hardly ever use and since this recipe uses plain yogurt, it seems to be much healthier too. In Marc’s recipe, he was quite particular about the type of blueberries for the recipe. If you’re in a country that has wild blueberries as he suggested, I’m jealous! Unfortunately, the range of blueberries here in Singapore are not that wide and I just got the ordinary ones. The pancakes tasted extraordinary with these ordinary blueberries and I cannot imagine how they’ll be like with the wild blueberries Marc suggested.

I’ve been a long time follower of The author, Marc Matsumoto, takes really incredible photos and his recipes are very well thought out, fool proof, and with instructions that are really simple to follow. In fact, I’ve had quite a few friends who were just starting out to cook and approached me for websites where they can learn from and I never fail to give as my first choice. I also like it that he does recipes from a few cuisines. I’ve tried recipes from his American, Japanese and Korean categories and every recipe always manages to surprise me at how good they are!

For the full recipe, please click here for the direct link.

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