diy pattern tissue paper


The other day, I went to Art Friend (a local art store in Singapore) to look for tissue paper for crafting. I approached one of the store staff and said “do you have tissue paper?” and he gave me the weirdest look and said “HUH?!” Well, yes – it is called tissue paper. I use tissue paper a lot and absolutely love to create patterns on them! They usually come in only solid colors, which provide a lot of room for creativity.

You can use your finish product to do many things like use it to wrap a present,

or use it to line a gift box. In this case, I created a craft gift box which contains various supplies essential for crafting and gift wrapping.


Materials you’ll need:
– Tissue paper (it comes in a variety of colors. any color will work!)
– Metallic pen (I use the MonAmi Metallic-Silver Accu Liner but there’s so many out there that will work just fine as well)
– Cardboard or anything that will absorb ink that seeps through the tissue paper


1. Spread out the tissue paper gently onto a large work surface.
2. Test your metallic pen to ensure that the ink is flowing smoothly.
3. Place the tissue paper over the cardboard and start drawing!

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