beautiful stationary – kikki.k


Three years ago, my cousins gave me a kikki.K notebook and ever since, I’ve fallen in love with all their beautiful stationary! Every year, I make it a point to get a kikki.K notebook because they are just so adorable! (except this year since my sister gave me a Muji one for last year’s christmas) Their designs are very different every year and I love how they have a sticker book behind, which I use for all sorts of packaging projects.


sticker labels: basic ; magazine holder: cardheart magnet ; diy sticker book: bolda photo a day albumrecipe box: kitchen ; mini birthday reflection book: celebrate today

Going to a kikki.K store in Singapore is a real treat. Just browsing through their beautiful stationary gives me quite a deal of inspiration. I really like how their items are very action oriented, such as inspiring people to take a photo a day. Speaking of which, its time I plan another trip to kikki.K!

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