a sunday picnic!

I’ve always talked about wanting to organize a picnic and I finally got down to it! We wanted to go someplace quiet and decided to go to a large grassy area behind my sister’s school. My sister and I prayed harddd the whole day hoping it won’t rain and the weather turned out perfect! Actually, we were so excited that we just spent the whole day talking about what we were going to do at the picnic, lol.

I realized that I didn’t take any pictures of our picnic set-up – how could I! I think we were more excited at eating the food and playing with the animals – yes, we brought Fudge, Toffee and Joy!

Super awesome shepherd’s pie made by Annabel (aka Bel). The picture below absolutely does no justice to the awesomeness of this dish. The 6 of us ended up finishing three-quarters of this humongous serving of shepherd’s pie! Bel also made chicken wings (see the next picture).


So, Fudge, being the docile and calm dog, mostly spent his time grazing the grass and eating some of the grass, like a cow. Not to forget, he also spent a lot of time guarding the food and enjoying the aroma of all the delicious goodness!


Fudge looking into the distance and enjoying the scenery.

Joy was “absent” most of the time. She spent most of her time lazing between the bags, and finally decided to disappear INSIDE my picnic bag. Its been a while since we brought her out and I think she was a little overwhelmed!



We used to call Toffee the “crazy” dog but since his puppy days, he has grown up quite a bit and is more obedient now. Toffee was just so so so so happy to be out and free. This is the first time we’ve let him run without holding on to his leash and I think he finally got to experience a new sense of freedom! Jon played fetch with him a lot since he could throw Toffee’s toy the furthest. Its so fun to see Toffee run with his ears flopping up and down! Toffee was so interested in all the things that happened around him – he couldn’t stop playing fetch and was always seated in the direction of where remote-controlled-airplane enthusiasts (sorry… no idea how else I should call them, haha) were flying their planes – Toffee actually attempted to run after the remote-controlled-airplanes a couple of times.


Jon playing Fetch with Toffee and tricking him to fetch his toy when he hasn’t thrown it.


Toffee a little tired from playing.


As the sky was getting a little dark, we concluded our picnic with some jump-shots and with hilarious Bel taking hers with oven mitts!


Candid shot of us laughing hysterically at ourselves, and having fun :D


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