diy pattern glass bottles


Have you ever got this feeling when suddenly… an idea hits you and you just want to get right down to it immediately? This feeling definitely happened for this diy but in general, i’m just quite an impatient person and just like to get things done :P (Many a times, at the expense of my beauty sleep, and making things look neater and nicer)

These bottles are so versatile and you can design them and use them for a wide variety of purposes. In my case, I currently use them to organize my stationary but you can also use them to put cutlery for a party,


or you can adorn it with a little nice tissue paper flower and give it as a gift,


or you could also use it to hold your toothbrush in your bathroom, or your spatulas next to your mixer, or in your garden to hold your gardening tools…

Materials you’ll need:
– a clean and dry glass bottle (I re-use glass bottles I found around the kitchen. Starting from left to right in the first picture: Leabrook Honey, Horlicks, Barilla pasta sauce)
– a waterproof and fast-dry metallic pen (I use the PAINTY brand which I could easily find in my local store but there are so many brands out there)
– Tissue paper on hand just in case you make a mistake


1. Test your pen on a piece of paper to ensure that the metallic ink is flowing smoothly. You may want to test the ink on the glass bottle – I did so on the bottom of my first glass bottle to ensure that everything was working fine.
2. Start drawing the dots – you can be creative and draw other shapes like diamonds or hearts, etc. If you make a mistake, quickly wipe it off with a tissue paper while the ink is still wet.
3. When completed, leave to dry. Mine seemed to be completely dry after a couple of minutes but it’ll be safer to leave it dry for longer to ensure that the insides are dry as well. You’re done!



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