cooking/baking themed kitchen towels!

The only time I tend to buy on impulse, is when I see anything that has a baking theme to it. It does not matter if it is a set of post-it notes, or gift tags, or a notebook, or kitchen towels, or even a bracelet. I just love how the designs these days incorporate baking or food motifs so beautifully!

I’m proud to be an owner of the Poketo and Crate & Barrel kitchen towels :)


Poketo: Kitchen Utensils (Navy) ; Kitchen Utensils (Red) ; Sweets (Brown)

Last Christmas, I received an unforgettable set of linen tea towels from my cousins! These tea towels have a really pretty pattern on them and makes a really nice gift to people who have a passion for baking and cooking!

conversion-dishtowelCrate & Barrel: Conversion Dish Towel

I love the practicality of this kitchen towel! I use a lot of American cookbooks here in Singapore and always face the problem of having to convert between Fahrenheit and Celsius. I can remember that 350 degrees Fahrenheit = 180 degrees Celsius but thats about it. I have this dish towel conveniently stored in a cupboard and I refer to it as often as a few times a week! The conversions provided are really practical for daily use and I love the material of this cloth. It feels durable, as compared to other dish towels that sometimes disintegrate after a few uses.

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